What Does Less-Than-Truckload Stand For?

//What Does Less-Than-Truckload Stand For?

What Does Less-Than-Truckload Stand For?

LTL Shipment

What Does Less-Than-Truckload Stand For?

Every day, people need to send things all over the world. From tiny Christmas presents to large-scale bulk grocery store deliveries, shipments come in all shapes and sizes. In the world of shipping, there are different terms to refer to the amount of freight being transported. Parcel carriers transport small packages, while full truckloads transport large amounts of goods. Amounts of freight that are not small enough to fit into a parcel carrier but not large enough to warrant a full truckload are considered a less-than-truckload, or LTL, freight.

Pronto Delivery, a Houston delivery service, has many diverse shipping divisions, including LTL services. Many people don’t know that LTL is one of the most cost-effective options for sending medium-size freight. It’s our goal at Pronto to educate you on your options for sending medium-size freight so you can make the most educated decision next time you need to send a package that isn’t a full truckload.

Using LTL is cost-effective because they accept lower rates per pound than parcel carriers. Many parcel carriers will not accept freight over 100 lbs., but LTLs can accept freights weighing between 150-20,000 lbs. While truckloads only deal with very large amounts of freight, LTLs collect freight from many different shippers and combine the freight in order to make one economical batch. The freight is then sorted into a pickup and delivery line and given to a specific driver. When it comes to freight shipping, LTL is a good economic choice when you are not on a time constraint and do not have enough material to warrant a full truckload shipment.

No matter what type of shipment you need to make, Pronto Delivery ensures it will get there safely, securely, and on time. In addition to LTL, we also offer same-day courier services and warehousing. Contact us today at 866-691-9107 to learn more about your options for shipping freight of all shapes and sizes. No matter where in the country you want to go, we’re there for you.

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