Technology and Courier Services

//Technology and Courier Services

Technology and Courier Services

Odds are, you probably haven’t thought about how technology has changed the courier industry lately. But in fact, courier services have been around for thousands of years in some form or another, even longer than mail-delivery services, and have gone through several stages of evolution in the process. The high-tech, convenient services we know today have humble roots in ancient times when horses and pigeons were the most advanced delivery technology around.

Ancient History

Imagine your courier service literally running miles to deliver your shipments. Back in ancient civilizations, humans were assigned the task of delivering parcels, even over large distances. Over time, humans on horseback and pigeons replaced human delivery services. In fact, some of today’s most well-known marathons are based on historical delivery routes.

The Good Old Days

Over time, major cities replaced couriers on horseback with bicycle and motorcycle couriers, which gradually evolved into delivery services involving trains, boats, and aircraft. The United State, however, relied on the Pony Express until the mid-1800s. It was taken over by companies like Western Union and Wells Fargo, which utilized more advanced technology for faster deliveries.


Today, packages can be delivered nationwide, and even internationally, in a number of hours. There are hundreds of courier services in the Unites States alone, with fleets of hundreds of trucks, vans, and more to deliver packages from one end of the country to the other. Each courier service has their own method of tracking packages, many of them using a wide variety of applications that allow them to send courier assignments to drivers with smartphones, track and save orders, and review daily delivery plans so that no package gets left behind.

Interesting Facts About Courier Services over the Years:

• For years, horses remained the most reliable form of delivery—most horses were able to travel up to 250 miles in a 24-hours period.
• The first documented courier delivery took place in Egypt in 2400 BC.
• The concept of the marathon is based on the story of the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, when 10,000 Greek soldiers defeated the invading Persian army. A warrior was sent to tell to Athens to inform the city, running 26.2 miles.
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