Private and Public Package Delivery and Courier Services on Sundays?

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Private and public Courier ServicesPrivate and Public Package Delivery and Courier Services on Sundays?

Online shopping is projected to make up for more than half of total retail purchases in the United States within the next five years. This rapidly increasing trend has consumers expecting their packages faster and faster, and both public and private mail and package delivery providers are racing to meet these needs. While same day and Sunday delivery may seem revolutionary to some, our courier services here at Pronto Delivery already include 24/7 same day services to meet a variety of delivery needs.

How Major Online Retailers are Restructuring to Meet Delivery Needs

The biggest online retailers have no trouble selling products, but delivering them quickly and efficiently has required constant changes and development in both storage and logistics. Same day delivery and courier services are still only available to consumers in geographic locations where retailers have adequate warehousing and delivery protocols. Similar to same day deliveries, retailers will have to continue to expand their storage to meet Sunday delivery demands.

Sunday Deliveries—A Much Need Financial Boost for the USPS?

The United States Postal Services is looking toward partnering with major retailers to provide Sunday delivery as a way to boost their financial health. Ironically, the USPS’ recent financial difficulties had the service considering cutting out Saturday deliveries as a potential cost saving method. Given the all but guaranteed growth of online shopping, same day and Sunday deliveries may just save the day.

Courier Delivery Services are Still the King of Meeting Unique Delivery Needs

Customers who take advantage of our Arlington delivery service and other areas serviced by Pronto Delivery can rely on fast, 24-7 service that is more than capable of meeting their unique delivery needs. We handle a variety of types of delivery, all with world class customer service. For more information on our premier courier services, please give us a call at (866) 678-4107.


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