How to Properly Pack a Package

//How to Properly Pack a Package

How to Properly Pack a Package

Here are Four Easy Steps to ensure that will not only ensure that your package remains intact throughout the delivery process, but that the contents are safe and well-preserved, no matter what you’re sending.

1. Choose the correct packaging

Whether your shipment requires a small envelope of a large box, make sure that your package can accommodate your shipment. It is also highly advised that you use new or lightly used boxes for your delivery in order to avoid any damage to your shipment.

2. Secure your contents with packing material

Wrap your shipment in the proper packaging material (bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, packing foam, cold packs, etc.). Make sure that your packing materials are enough to keep your shipment from moving around too much inside the box.

Packing experts recommend double boxing certain packages in order to ensure your shipment’s safety. This involves placing a smaller container carrying your parcel into a larger container with packing materials to make sure that the contents of your package do not experience excessive shifting during delivery.

3. Close the package properly

If you’re using a pre-sealed envelope or package, make sure you follow the directions provided and closed the package securely. If you’re using your own packaging, use plenty of tape to ensure that your parcel will be able to withstand wear and tear. You should also remove any old shipping information from your box before sending.

4. Label your package

Your package might have specific labeling instructions depending on which carrier you choose. Double check that you have the correct information on your parcel before sending it. If your package has any special requirements, make sure to notify your designated courier or delivery service of your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about a package you might be sending, make sure to check with your desired delivery/courier service before sending your package. They can also provide you with helpful tips for specialty deliveries and more.

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