Get Your Shipments Where They Need to Go

//Get Your Shipments Where They Need to Go

Get Your Shipments Where They Need to Go

Package DeliveryGet Your Shipments Where They Need to Go

During the holiday season, everybody is buying gifts online or sending things to relatives in other states. Many delivery companies are backed up during the month of December; gift-givers risk their gifts not being delivered before Christmas if they don’t use the correct delivery service. Pronto Delivery offers same-day delivery to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Why Delivery Backups Happen

Most delivery services experience backups during the holiday season because they suddenly have a massive influx of orders to be delivered and don’t have the personnel to handle it. As a result, the following problems often occur during December of each year:

  • Gifts sent at the beginning of the month are not delivered until after Christmas, and sometimes not until after the New Year.
  • Gifts get lost; they are listed as delivered in the service’s system but have not been delivered.
  • Gifts are delivered to the wrong address.

All of these problems add up to unhappy holidays for some gift givers or people who are expecting gifts because gifts never arrive. This is especially true in big cities like Dallas, where thousands of people are sending and receiving gifts all at once.

The Pronto Delivery Difference

Pronto Delivery avoids these problems in several ways.

  • We have hundreds of trucks and couriers available to make sure your gifts get delivered on time.
  • We use special procedures to handle fragile or expensive gifts so that nothing gets broken en route.
  • We use the most updated tracking software possible so that you can find out where your gift is at all times.

For these reasons, we are the Dallas delivery company customers use most often.

In addition to taking care to ensure that we provide the best delivery service, we also provide other services such as inventory management. These services help ensure that businesses and customers get merchandise they ordered on time and in proper condition. If you’d like to join the thousands of customers who trust Pronto Delivery for their courier needs, please call 866-691-9107.

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