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Cross-Docking Services

Cross-Docking Delivery ServicesFinding the right company to make deliveries for your business is very important. At Pronto Delivery, we can make sure your items are delivered quickly and efficiently with our incredible cross-docking services. Cross-docking is a great way to unload one truck, and load another, without having to pay the extra expense for warehouse storage. It will save your company time and money, while getting your shipment to its destination faster. Before you use this unique service, find out how other companies benefit from cross-docking.

Cross-docking Optimizes the Delivery Process

Neiman Marcus is a multi-use facility that uses cross-docking services to move and sort their merchandise. During the shipment process, the items are first received at the dock, and everything is scanned and processed. From there, the items that do not require any further processing are cross-docked to shipping directly. These pieces of merchandise are placed on the outbound truck through a series of conveyor belts. From storage areas, employees can also pick up items that have been ordered online and package them accordingly. These orders are then placed on the conveyor belt to be cross-docked and sent out. This cross-docking system efficiently frees up space from excess inventory, and shortens the delivery time.

Get Efficient and Fast Service

Here at Pronto Delivery, we make your Dallas deliveries quickly and efficiently. With our cross-docking services, you can trust that your items will get to your customers safely and on time. Contact us today at (866) 691-9107, or if you are a new customer, you can reach our experts at (866) 678-4107.

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