Filling the Need for Air Freight Delivery Management

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Filling the Need for Air Freight Delivery Management

Air Freight Delivery Management

Air Freight DeliveryAs the air freight delivery industry continues to meet logistical challenges to provide rapid and efficient delivery of critical cargo, there is concern that the industry may soon face a dearth of qualified managers and business leaders. A recent industry report by The International Air Cargo Association sees a need for more detailed training and education programs for top managers to continue to serve the challenging industry. Fortunately, Pronto Delivery is an Arlington delivery service with outstanding managers and team leaders, and we provide many modes of cargo delivery for our customers, including air freight delivery.

Complex Skills Required

Beyond the expected skill set of fundamental business training and thorough operational knowledge, the report notes a requirement in the air freight delivery industry for special skills, including leadership, team-building, and market and financial analysis. The report discusses creation of an accredited qualification for management in the air cargo industry, and recommends an extensive educational matrix with recommended areas of special study.

The industry study cites a risk of “brain-drain” of highly qualified managers to other industries in the transportation field, or to other business endeavors. Should the outflow of top industry managers become too rapid, and the industry has not adopted a set of accreditation and training standards for those who will replace leaders lost to attrition or competition from other industries, air cargo could suffer a distinct leadership disadvantage.

Logistical Support at Every Level

Pronto Delivery continues to retain exceptional managers and team members who excel at providing excellent logistical support for all your air freight delivery needs. Contact us at (866) 691-9107 to schedule a delivery or learn more about your delivery options.

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